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About Us is the webshop branch of Felix Technology Inc. for online retail sales of test and measurement equipment that are inquired frequently. After several years of experience in supplying variety of systems, tools and equipment in different fields of engineering, environmental monitoring, instrumentation, laboratory and analysis, we realized the necessity of establishing an online webshop to facilitate the procurement procedure for our clients for the high-demanded items.

Most of the offered products, including handheld analyzers, meters, sensors, transducers, calibrators, tools and other accessories, are supplied from our exclusive partners. Our customers' shared experience helped us to develop this website to facilitate their purchasing process to save their time and effort while ensuring them for the perpetual eminent service of Felix Technology.

Being a system integrator and supplier, Felix Technology knows the importance of after sales service and customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is not simply the product that we sell, but the added value know-how in supporting our clients with installation, training and other after sales services.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the customers with such a pleasant experience that our name becomes the first-remembered source of online supplier of quality instruments. We deeply believe that we can keep up as the best just when the customers are our promoters. Not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of our services guarantees customer satisfaction and customer attachment to Felixtrument for further business collaboration.

Our product list is continuously updated with new entries and models. If you are interested in receiving information about our updated product list, sales campaigns, discounted products, as well as the recent offers on featured items, please make sure that you will subscribe to our loyal customer list, or please send us an email to

Whether you are from a small company or a big industry, private or governmental sector, service corporation or manufacturing site, you’ll find something to your interest among our products. Our experts are always ready to give you a free consultation to help you find the right product.

At Felixtrument, we listen to our customers carefully before provide our best solution.