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HT7052 Insulation Meter

HT7052 Insulation Meter

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Professional insulation meter

Measures insulation resistance with programmable test voltage up to 10kV DC

  • DC test voltage measuring range: 500V to 10kV

  • Insulation resistance measuring range: 120kΩ to 10TΩ

  • Dielectric strength in DC

  • Test with programmable ramp: steps of 25VDC

  • Programmable test timer 1s to 30min

  • Setting of measurement limit value

  • Measurement of polarization index P.I.

  • Measurement of dielectric absorption ratio D.A.R.

  • Measurement of dielectric discharge ratio D.D.

  • Measurement of discharge capacity

  • Automatic discharge of target

  • Measurement of DC/AC voltage up to 600V

  • RS232/optical/USB interface for transferring data onto the PC

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