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I-V500w Curve Tracer

I-V500w Curve Tracer

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Professional 10A/1500V I-V Curve Tracer

  • Detection of I-V curve on PV modules and strings: 1500V/10A - 1000V/15A

  • Quick IVCK test for measuring Voc and Isc on PV modules and strings: VOC 1500V / ISC 15A

  • Internal memory capacity: 249 I-V Curves

  • Use of remote unit SOLAR-02 with USB \ RF connection: RF

  • Custom management of internal PV module database: 30 internal / 30.000 on software/app

  • Temperature measurement of cell and environment

  • Measurement of irradiation with reference cell

  • Summary table of main electric parameters

  • Provided PC interface with software for Windows

  • Integrated WiFi connection and compatibility with HTANALYSIS App

  • Backlit LCD display

  • Auto Power OFF

  • Weight in grams (batteries included): 1200

  • Protection category: CAT III

  • Size (LxWxH) (mm): 235x165x75

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