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ITeR Reference Temperature Source

ITeR Reference Temperature Source

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Reference Temperature Source for IR Thermometer Calibration Check

Continuous calibration checks for thermometers and infrared cameras by ITeR, a compact, portable and high precision device that generates a reliable and constant reference over time

  • Compact, portable and high-precision

  • Checks, in real time, the measurement accuracy of thermometers and infrared cameras

  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Android APP or iOS for smartphones and tablets for setting the set-point or receive notifications of alarms and anomalies

  • With PID algorithm integrated in the system, maximum source stability is guaranteed

  • Excellent uniformity in heat distribution on a black body making the use of ITeR immediate and simple

  • Temperature [°C]: From T ambient to +45

  • Accuracy: +/-0.1°C (compared to set point)

  • Measuring Area [mm]: 100 x 100

  • Uniformity of Temperature [°C]: +/-0.3

  • Resolution [°C]: 0.1

  • Dimension [mm]: 130 x 105 x 60

  • Weight [kg]: 0.3

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