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Leonova Diamond Expert Package

Leonova Diamond Expert Package

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SPM Leonova Diamond Handheld Machine Condition Analyzer (Expert Package)

General Specifications (see the bottom of this page for included features and options of the expert package)

  • 4.3” TFT color display with automatic back light

  • Programmable function keys

  • One hand operation, right or left

  • Accepts IEPE standard vibration transducers

  • Carbon-fiber-reinforced enclosure, IP65

  • Exchangeable Li-Ion battery pack for min. 16 hours normal use

  • RF transponder for contact free measuring point identification, read and write functions in connection with CondID® memory tags

  • Drop test 1 meter according to IEC 60079-0

  • Weight approx. 800 g

  • Three channel simultaneous vibration monitoring

  • Frequency range DC to 40 kHz

  • Dynamic range >100 dB, 24 bit AD

  • Up to 25600 line FFT spectrum

  • Pre-fault symptoms for spectrum analysis

  • Waterfall, phase and real time spectrum

  • Simultaneous recording for up to 50 hours

  • Enveloping, true zoom, time synchronous measurement

  • Stroboscope input/output for rpm measurement

  • Current and voltage input, 0–20 mA / 0–10 V

  • Motor current analysis

  • Speed measurements 1–120000 rpm

  • Download thousands of measuring points

  • Stethoscope function, earphones

  • Automatic transducer line test

  • Voice recording of comments

  • Language selection

Diamond Expert Package (DIA Expert) includes:

  • DIA300 Leonova Diamond HDm/HDc

  • DIA109 Balancing single and dual plane, Diamond function

  • DIA140 HD Analysis, VIB/SPM HD Expert

  • DIA192 3 Ch. Simultaneous VIB, Diamond function

  • DIA133 ISO 10816 + spectrum, Diamond function

  • 14765 Holding Fixture For TAD18/TTP10

  • 81319 Magnetic/Holder Tool For TAD18/TTP10

  • CHA03 Battery charger, Diamond/Emerald

  • CAB94 Comm. cable USB-mini-USB (Diamond/Emerald)

  • TRC150 DuoTech with sleeved Quick Connect

  • TRA78 Shock Pulse probe, Diamond/Emerald

  • CAB93 Measuring cable, 8 pin-2 pin, 1.5 m, straight

  • SLD144S-UNF VIB Transducer 2Hz-10kHz, side entry, 2-pin, 1/4"

  • TRX40 Magnetic base, 1/4 x 28 (Two-rail)

  • CAB88 3 channel VIB measuring cable, splitter (Diamond)

  • TTP10 Tach/Temp Probe, Diamond/Emerald (includes TTP11) spiral cable

  • TAD16 Reflecting Tape, Thin Shafts

  • EAR16 Headset with Microphone, Emerald/Diamond

  • CAS25 Carrying Case For Leonova Diamond/Emerald

  • PRO350 Condmaster Ruby Platform

  • MOD140 HD Analysis, VIB/SPM HD Expert

  • MOD192 3-Channel Simultaneous VIB

  • MOD133 VIB ISO 10816 + Spectrum

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