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Megger DLRO10X 10 A Micro-Ohmmeter

Megger DLRO10X 10 A Micro-Ohmmeter

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Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter with Data Storage/Downloading

  • Accurate results in under three seconds

  • Auto current reversal cancels standing emfs

  • Fuse protected to 600 V

  • NiMH battery reduces weight

  • 250 mW power limit (with optional override) to avoid heating the test sample

  • Automatically detects continuity in potential and current connections

  • Visible warning of high voltages present at the terminals

  • Visible warning of current flowing in the test sample

  • Multiple operating modes including fully automatic

  • Alpha-numeric keypad for entering test notes

  • User settable high and low limits

  • Auto ranging with Manual option

  • Printer output and memory

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