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Multifunctional PVCHECKs Installation Safety Tester

Multifunctional PVCHECKs Installation Safety Tester

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Multifunction unit for checking performance and electric safety of a photovoltaic system

  • Continuity of protective conductors with 200mA

  • PV string/fields insulation with no service interruption with test voltage 250, 500, 1000V DC

  • Quick IVCK test for measuring Voc and Isc on PV modules and strings: Up to 1000V / 15A

  • DC side efficiency of the photovoltaic field

  • Use of remote unit SOLAR-02 with USB \ RF connection: RF

  • Measurement of irradiation with reference cell

  • Temperature measurement of cell and environment

  • AC/DC voltage in single-phase/three-phase systems: DC

  • AC/DC current in single-phase/three-phase systems: DC

  • Active P, Reactive Q, Apparent S Power/Energy: only active P

  • Max number of simultaneously selectable parameters: 5

  • Recording with selectable integration period: 5s-60m

  • Summary table of main electric parameters

  • Measuring range of I-V curve / VOC-ISC: 1000V / 15A only VOC-ISC

  • Measurement category: CAT III 300V

  • Backlit LCD display

  • Internal memory capacity: 999 Locations

  • Provided PC interface with software for Windows

  • Custom management of internal PV module database

  • Auto power off

  • Help on line on the display

  • Size (LxWxH) (mm): 235x165x75

  • Weight in grams (batteries included): 1200

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