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SPM BC200 Bearing Checker

SPM BC200 Bearing Checker

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SPM Instrument Portable Bearing Checker BC200

Measures shock pulses, either with a built-in probe or with an external transducer

  • Material, casing: copolyester/TPE

  • Size: 207x74x41 mm (8.1x2.9x1.6 in) 

  • Weight: 335 g (11.8 ounces)

  • Protection class: IP65

  • Keypad: sealed, snap action

  • Display: 2.4" Color TFT LCD Display

  • Power supply: 3.63 V Lithium Ion, USB rechargeable

  • Battery life: > 25 hours of normal use

  • Operating temperature: –10° to +50 °C (14° to 122 °F)

  • General functions: battery status display, transducer line test, metric or Imperial units of measurement, menus with symbols, storage of up to 10 measurement values

  • Input connector: mini coax, for external shock pulse transducers

  • Output connector: mini-B USB (adapter allows 3.5 mm stereo jack for headphones)

Shock pulse measurement

  • Measurement technique: dBm/dBc, measuring range –9 to 90 dBsv, ±3 dBsv

  • Transducer type: built-in probe, external 40000 or 42000 transducer, TRA73, TRA74, or TRA75 

  • Condition indication: green, yellow, and red symbols


  • Earphone mode: 7 level amplification

  • Transducer type: built-in probe or external 40000 transducer

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