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XL2 Audio Analyzer/SLM

XL2 Audio Analyzer/SLM

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The hand-held XL2 Analyzer

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A powerful Sound Level Meter, a professional Acoustic Analyzer, a precision Audio Analyzer and a comprehensive Vibration Meter in one instrument

  1. Sound Level Meter

  2. Spectral Analyzer

  3. FFT Analyzer

  4. Polarity, Delay, Oscilloscope

  5. Audio Analyzer

  6. Reverberation Time RT60

  7. Speech Intelligibility STIPA (optional)

  8. Extended Acoustic Pack (optional)

  9. Spectral Limits (optional)

  10. Data Explorer Option

  11. Sound Power Option

  12. TA Option (Type Approval)

  13. Reliable measurement solution

  14. Flexible user interface

  15. Extensive range of measurement functions

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